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Team Macromedia Flash Contributors at one place

Today Mike Chambers and Christian Cantrell announced new Macromedia Blog, where some of Team Macromedia Members for Flash will contribute to add posts and news for community regarding Macromedia Flash and related MM products and technologies. Its already aggregated by MXNA and also will be aggregated by other sites.

I am also one of the contributing member at there. :)

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  • MM Community Week : Archived MacroChats

    If you missed MacroChats of MM Community Week then this is opportunity for you to see them again. Its archived by Amy.

    Session: Flash for Artists
    Speaker: Macromedia Certified Trainer, Arthur Phillips
    Description: Start unleashing the full power of Macromedia Flash tools for artists. Chrome, bevels, flares, soft shadows, and more can all be made with the powerful tools in Flash.

    Session: eLearning Development with Authorware 7
    Speaker: Macromedia Software Engineer, Andrew Chemey
    Description: Review key aspects of the learning management systems (LMS) environment and the relevant standards. See a demonstration of Authorware 7 features and techniques that facilitate the design, development, and testing of eLearning for an LMS environment.

    Session: Designing with Dreamweaver
    Speakers: Macromedia Dreamweaver Product Team
    Description: Covering layout for tables, CSS, layers, Fireworks integration and using. This presentation is designed for customers to interact via Breeze Live with the Macromedia Dreamweaver product team. Please be prepared to ask questions regarding the above topics.

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  • FCS 1.5 Updater 2.0 for Linux

    I was just surfing the update page of FCS and found that now Linux updater 2 is also available.

    Here is more Details

    Release Notes

    Download Updater for Linux

    Installation Instructions

    New Technotes

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  • Nice Longhorn Screenshots

    Have a look at here

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  • Flex Sample: adding a calculated column to a datagrid gave very nice example to add a calculated column to a datagrad as flex example.

    Look at Example

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