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Google starts Developing Browser

Can you imagine? They are going on way to Bill Gates and Now They are suppose to make their own browser to compete Microsoft. They hired guys who originally developed Internet Explorer. Have a look at full story here.

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  • Flash Player 7 Availability for Solaris

    New Version is launched of Flash Player 7 for Solaris Platform. New Player have more improved security as well as performance.

    get More info from here:

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  • Central (Codename Gemini) 1.5 Released!

    Updates since v 1.0

    - File I/O support
    - File upload and download support
    - Automatic network detection
    - Flash MX 2004 extensions to better integrate Flash authoring with Central during development
    - Support for Flash Player 7, ActionScript 2.0, and the new component architecture
    - Support for instant messaging and presence detection using the AOL AIM and ICQ networks

    Central licensing is changed into two very simple models:

    1. Open Distribution. Applications distributed under the Open Distribution model can be installed and used for free, or the developer can choose to handle the financial transaction himself (either way, there is no cost to the developer). Any application that is not a Try/Buy application — regardless of where it is installed or who the end user is — is an Open Distribution application.

    2. Try/Buy. Try/Buy applications can be installed and evaluated for a limited time by end-users, then optionally purchased. The Central payment infrastructure will handle the entire financial transaction, and 80% of the revenue goes to the developer.

    (Note that application providers requiring customization of the Central shell, changes to the default applications, or any other modifications to the standard Central environment should contact Macromedia OEM sales for information on our Custom Capacity License program at

    Devnet Article:

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  • Peldi’s Coding Cafe starts next Thursday

    via peldi’s blog

    I have finally decided to start Peldi’s Coding Cafe (see this post for details).

    It turns out Thursdays works best for me, 8:00am to 9:00am, Pacific Standard Time (that’s GMC -8 hours).

    I can’t promise I’ll do it every thursday, but I’ll try. We’ll see how the first session goes…cross your fingers… ;)

    The title of the first session is "Building a Blog Comments Application with FlashCom and Perl". Sorry about the lame title…there’s a reason why I’m not in marketing… ;)

    In the session, we will build what’s described in this post, in real time (hopefully we’ll make it in one hour). You’ll have a chance to ask questions and download the source files at the end.

    So, if you are interested in participating, pre-register by clicking here, and show up 5 minutes before the meeting starts on Thursday at this address:

    The session will be recorded and I’ll post the link to the recording on this blog, in case you can’t make it.

    Oh, and don’t forget your coffee!!! ;)

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  • swfImageProxy


    Did you have the problem before that you wanted to load some file formats into your Flash site but loadMovie does not accept them? Something like PNGs, GIFs or progressive JPEGs? Do you want to load images or SWFs from a different domain but the security sandbox is in your way? For these purposes I have written swfImageProxy, a PHP script that automatically converts file formats that are usually indigestible for Flash into something that it can display. On top of that it acts a proxy and is able to download images from other domains.

    Here is a simple Flash demo that allows you to enter the URL of an image and swfImageProxy will try to retrieve and convert it.

    If you want to use the full functionality of the script your server will have to fulfill certain prerequisites:

    • For basic functionality you will at least need PHP with GD support.
    • If you want the conversion of progressive JPEGs to baseline optimized JPEGs to be lossless the script needs access to the jpegtran utility.
    • If you want to be able to read GIFs the minimum required version of GD is 2.0.28 which currently happens to be the latest version
    • If you want to preserve the transparency of PNGs and GIFs they have to be packaged as SWFs. For this purpose the png2swf utility from the excellent swftools package by Rainer B? and Matthias Kramm has to be installed

    You can download swfImageProxy here. Currently I have only tested this on Linux – if you are able to run this on Windows I’m happy to hear about it. I have tried to make this as secure as possible, but of course you use this on your own risk. It also looks like the png2swf tool does not fully support every format of PNGs yet.

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