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Gmail releated tools

I still cant believe as, gmail is in beta then also there are so many tools already released by various intelligent minds! here are few of them …

Gmail FS : Gmail File System

Gmail lite and Gmailer : Open Source project, PHP based class-library to interact with gmail.

Gallina : Very cool concept of Gmail based blogging

Gmail Helper: A downloadable Windows application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages.

Email2POP: Interfaces with Gmail to provide POP3 and SMTP access to Gmail accounts.

GSuite: Provides quick access to your account, easy search access, new mail notification, ‘mailto:’ handling and much more.

GNotify: Gmail utility that runs in your systray and notifies you when you have new Gmail.

GMailerXP: This program, still in development, will offer total control of your GMail account from any Windows computer.

GCount: Lives on your Mac and alerts you to pending GMails.

OSX GMailStatus: Alerts OSX users to unread mail, makes access to GMail easier, and even lets GMail act as your default mail client.

GMail Notifier: For FireFox/Mozilla, adds an icon to your toolbar that keeps you updated on the number of GMails you have waiting.

G-Mailto: Sets Gmail as your default mail program in Windows. So when you click on a mailto:// url, your favourite web browser will open up a page with Gmail’s Compose window. Pretty nifty. Mac Version

GTray: Windows system tray notifier for new Gmail mail.

GmailCompose: A Mozilla Firefox extension to open the Gmail compose window with the click of a button.

GMail Loader: This software is made to import mails from an existing account to a Gmail account.

Pop Goes Gmail: A small software which enables you to convert Gmail messages in pop3 standard and to read them with Outlook.

GMail Compose: Adds a context menu to Firefox that lets you right click a mailto link and compose a new GMail.

G-Mailto Bookmarklet: Launch a new GMail with a bookmark.

Gmail Drive : Gmail Drive for Windows based on gmail-fs.

Can you believe these many tools are already built on gmail even still its in beta … I just cant imagine while it will release!

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  • Animation Library for AS 2.0

    I got interesting link from Abdul Qabiz Blog animation via as2 library. Its really nice. Its really nice one with all required step-by-step tutorials about how to use them in our projects. And its FREE to use as its based on Mozilla MPL.

    Homepage: link

    Readme: link

    Step-by-step Tutorial: link

    Development History: link

    Download: link

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