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Archive for July, 2005

Flash Player 8 Public Beta Updated

Recently Flash Player 8 Public Beta is updated with lots of bug fixes.

Must check:

  • No longer prompt the user to close window during product install mechanism
  • Note, if anyone is using Windows build b400 (Beta 1) or ANY Mac beta build, you should downgrade to FP7 if you want to see the new experience. These builds are not suitable upgrade vehicles to the new build using Lightning Product Install. If you choose to continue using those builds, you’ll see only the manual installers.

Get excited and Enjoy!

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  • Macromedia Flash Player 8 Public Beta

    Now end of our excitement about 8ball is very near. Macromedia just released public beta of Flash Player 8. It has very improved performance gain regarding antialiasing, Cached bitmap techniques and also new video codec for better Flash Communication Server results.

    Important Links:

    Download Links:

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