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Macromedia Studio 8 Launch Event in India

Who should attend:

  • Creative/Art Director
  • Dreamweaver Developer/Designer
  • E-Learning Content Developer
  • Flash App Developer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Internet Application Architect
  • IS/IT Manager
  • Multimedia Designer/Developer
  • .NET/ASP App Developer
  • Webmaster
  • Web Application Developer
  • Web Designer/Developer

Special Promotion Scheme:

Save US $100 :: Buy Studio MX 2004 at US$899 (SRP) and get FREE upgrade to Studio 8 (SRP US$999) Includes Freehand MX (available as part of Studio MX 2004) Includes Contribute 3 and FlashPaper 2 (available as part of Studio MX 8)

Attend this special Studio 8 event to see:

  • New advanced animation, graphic effects, text tools, and interactive video in the new version of Flash Professional
  • Fast coding efficiencies with new CSS, drag-and-drop of XML sources, Zoom, and more in the new version of Dreamweaver
  • New graphic effects and integrated workflows with Fireworks
  • Web content management with FlashPaper and Contribute

The new Macromedia Studio 8 includes Dreamweaver 8, Flash Professional 8, Fireworks 8, Contribute 3, and FlashPaper 2

Dates & Venue:

  • 2nd Sept-J WMarriott, Mumbai
  • 5th Sept-Le Meridien, Delhi
  • 6th Sept-LeMeridien,Bangalore
  • Timings: 8.30 am to 12.30 pm

I am planning to go at Mumbai on 2nd September. Will meet new guys there!!!

15th August, 2005 – An Independence Day of India

Flag of India

I would like to say I am proud to be an Indian.

Today is 15th August and its India‘s 58th Independence Day.

India’s new Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is a great Economist and has a huge knowledge of economics and he proved it by making the Indian Rupee stronger than before. Currently 1 USD is equivalent to 43.60 INRs. I remember that before sometimes it was around 48.

So I will say the last year was really good for India @ Economic angle. And I wish that India will become Super Country Soon!

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  • The worst ISP of the India is here, called “Iqara Broadband” which’s name itself is not true. Broadband company which commits 40 Kbps of speed and not able to even give stable speed of 3-4 Kbps.

    I activated their services in this month and the pain started. Recently they are certified ISO 2000 or 2001 or whatever with their greatest Customer Support. :( Government should keep one site where customers can feedback about ISO certified companies so that they can think more then what the company provides figures ON PAPER instead of REAL. And after # of complaints against such company they should pull the award back.

    I am still thinking of one thing, If you not able to pay the bills at time of whatever reasons, they own rights to cut the services. But if they cant provide you continuous services for which they are being paid, they can have excuses. You need to do long strugle to get SUCCESSIVE refund and to waste a lots of time. That is not even garanteed that you will have SUCCESSIVE REFUND.

    Here is the mail which I sent to their team:


    Mr. G Ramkrishnan
    Mr. V K Rajkumar
    Mr. EVS Chakravarthy
    Customer Support / Feedback

    Hello there,

    I am Ashvin Savani from Avinashi Systems Pvt. Ltd. and using Iqara services with account / ID ‘adsavani’.

    I am complaining about my connection since last 7+ days. I am calling at least twice in a day to your customer care center during all of these days. I hear same answer at each day from each call center officer, We forwarded / assigned your complaint to our technical support officer and he will come to your office soon. After a lot of arguments; they were not able to commit me the time. Some guys committed to solve it in 24 hours but that was just a commitment and some guys just not ready to even commit because they know how your ISO 2000 or 2001 CERTIFIED SERVICES is. If as an ISP organization, you can’t value the customer complaint in terms of hours, then you should just return your ISO award back to the government.

    I lost much business and had problems to communicate with my clients just because of your superior connection. I am in planning to file a case against your firm to consumer court and will keep you updated.

    During these 7-8 days only once your technical guy came and that also at the time when the peon was there in office. He said “Ping is coming fine” and went away. You guys also provided me a half dead modem. Which only have USB port working and Ethernet port is dead.

    So now I request you to solve my complaint till tomorrow noon and refund me for last 7 days. Again here are my complaint(s):

    - Connectivity is not continuous and not stable. In your terms “ping is not continuous”.
    - Replace my modem and give me the one which have both USB and Ethernet ports working.
    - Refund me for last 7 days and more if you are not able to solve the complaint before tomorrow noon.
    - Refund my all fees you charged and take for my connection if you are not able to solve my complaint till tomorrow evening.
    - Refund my business loss because of your worst service.

    And I would like that the world and all of your customers to aware of our email communication.

    Best Regards,

    Ashvin Savani – Arckid
    Freelance Developer,
    Team Macromedia Member

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