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Archive for March, 2007

IT Managers – 10 ways to keep yourself away from stress

As a CTO, Project Manager and Owner of the company, I hardly able to find time for myself, my wife or other friends of mine. I need to perform so many tasks to do each and everyday for various clients, need to maintain and train my team members, also need to solve their queries (technical, personal or company level) time to time also need to balance personal life aswell.

But its not easy stuff as I am feeling. As you grow in business, more and more responsibilities are there and they are always increasing. And this fast life sometime pushes you away from your loved ones or your friends. I was trying to find some way where I can balance my personal life without disturbing the business and its growth. I found a nice suggestions over Business Week article and ToDoOrElse.  (more…)

Came Back to Blogging!

After a long time, I am again starting to write here on my blog.

Actually, I was thinking randomly that – I will get some time to write something on my blog someday and thank god, for the chance ;)

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