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Adobe announces Director 11 and Shockwave Player 11

Today adobe announces new version of Adobe Director 11. Also with this new product release, they also announced a new release for shockwave player also.

Here are the Top features in Director 11:

  • Support for more than 40 video, audio, and image file formats
  • Native 3D rendering with DirectX 9 support
  • Advanced physics with the included AGEIAâ„¢ PhysXâ„¢ engine
  • Support for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional software and video created with Flash
  • Unicode support, including multimode publishing
  • Enhanced text rendering engine
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Enhanced Script Browser and full JavaScript support
  • Bitmap filters
  • Xtra plug-ins

Useful Links:

  1. Adobe Director 11 Homepage
  2. Detailed Features list for Director 11
  3. Pre-order Director 11
  4. Pre-order upgrade to Director 11
  5. Download Shockwave Player 11
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  • Blog is in sync with MXNA :) Welcome new readers.

    I just got an email from MXNA that my site is not in sync with Adobe MXNA.

    So I welcome all of you new readers from MXNA.

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  • Download – Flash Media Server 3 is shipping

    Finally, Flash Media Server 3 is shipping.

    Flash Media Server 3 is available into two editions.

    Flash Media Interactive Server 3:

    This edition is traditional media server edition like we had in version 2. i.e. you can use this edition to do realtime audio, video and data sharing application. It includes all the features that is require to make collaboration applications.


    Price for this edition is US$ 4,500 if you are buying it as a new product. If you want to upgrade it from previous version of flash media server, than it will cost you US$ 1,995. Ofcourse, 10 connection limited Developer edition is free.

    What’s New:

    • Support For H.264 and HE-AAC for Flash Player, AIR, Adobe Media Player and FlashLite 3
    • Performance Gain – According to Adobe, its 2x than FMS 2.
    • Secured content delivery through RTMPE with 128-bit encryption
    • New plug-in architecture
    • AMF3 Support – Now all binary data transportation is through AMF3 protocol
    • Multipoint Publishing – Publish live stream from different network locations for time-sensitive content.
    • Stream redirection handling – You can redirect streams like HTTP 302 for missing / alternative contents.
    • Stream data access – Dynamic creation of thumbnails or video previews / snapshots
    • W3C compliant ASCII logs
    • Native bandwidth detection – Detect the bandwidth and serve accordingly
    • Advanced seeking – Seek anywhere regardless of length of video or download status

    Flash Media Streaming Server 3:

    This edition is a special edition if you just want to have flash platform’s streaming power for audio and video but not the data related features or any other interactive features of FMS. So you can say that it’s limited edition of Flash Media Interactive Server. If we compare this edition with FMS2, than the major feature of this edition is no connections or bandwidth limits. I am sure all the CDNs and Flash Media Server hosting companies must be very happy of this. Personally I also see this as strict step against Wowza Media Server by Adobe.


    Price for this edition is US$ 995. Due to this pricing Wowza had to reduce its price to 80%. Unfortunately there is no upgrade option for this edition if you own any previous version of flash media server.

    What’s New:

    • Unlimited Bandwidth and Users – No limits :) Serve as much your hardware can
    • Performance Gain – According to Adobe, its 2x than FMS 2.
    • Secured content delivery through RTMPE with 128-bit encryption
    • Support For H.264 and HE-AAC for Flash Player, AIR, Adobe Media Player and FlashLite 3
    • W3C compliant ASCII logs
    • Native bandwidth detection – Detect the bandwidth and serve accordingly
    • Advanced seeking – Seek anywhere regardless of length of video or download status

    Download Link:

    Flash Media Interactive Server 3 – Developer Edition

    So that’s good news for flash media server developers. But unfortunately no Screensharing support yet from Adobe to create great collaborative applications like Acrobat Connect Pro.

    Adobe recently update the flash player version to to fix some serious security issues found in last version of flash player 9.0.48.

    So what are the changes in new version of flash player for flash developer perspective? Here are the issues that personally affect me and my team.

    Stricter method to interpret crossdomain policy files:

    1. Policy files formatting are now stricter. Here are the cases, which can cause rejection of your crossdomain policy files:
      1. Any extra content before or after the start and closing tag cross-domain-policy.
      2. Top level XML tag is not cross-domain-policy.
      3. Any text other than comments found inside any tag of the policy file.
    2. Adobe published new schemas for various cases of crossdomain policies as following:
      1. Generic Schema:
      2. Schema for FTP:
      3. Schema for HTTP:
      4. Schema for HTTPS:
      5. Schema for Socket communication:
    3. Same domain redirection of policy files
      1. Redirection inside same domain is still allowed in new flash player version.
      2. If policy file located at domain/a/crossdomainpolicy.xml is set to redirect at domain/b/crossdomainpolicy.xml, in that case it would treated policy file for folder domain/b not domain/a.
    4. Content-type whitelist
      1. Policy file’s content-type must be either text/* or application/xml or application/xhtml+xml
      2. Flash player will ignore any HTTP policy file that is not sent with a Content-Type value.
      3. Intention of whitelist is to give some assurance that the file is intended to be a text file.
    5. Stronger socket communication rules
      1. From this player version onwards, it’s required to define socket communication port number in the socket policy file.
    6. New: Meta-policies
      1. Meta-policies are defining which policy files are permitted to exist on a server.
      2. Meta-policies normally defines, which kind of flash player related services are hosted on this server and it’s sub folders.
      3. Scope for Meta-policies is for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and Sockets.
      4. Currently, its not too important unless and until you are super administrator of lot many flash player services like Yahoo! and Google.
    7. Policy file logging
      1. It requires debug version of flash player.
      2. To enable logging, you need to edit mm.cfg which is normally located inside your home folder depending on your operating system.
      3. Default locations for mm.cfg are as following:
        1. Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\username
        2. Windows Vista: C:\Users\username
        3. Macintosh and Linux: /home/username
      4. Create mm.cfg if it does not exist.
      5. It should have following settings:
        1. PolicyFileLog=1
        2. PolicyFileLogAppend=1
      6. Line (i) will enable logging of policy files and line (ii) will continue appending logs instead of clearing log file if root-level SWF is used.
      7. After doing this, if you load any SWF file in your debug version of flash player, it should create policyfiles.txt in following folders according the operating system:
        1. Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\Logs
        2. Windows Vista: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\Logs
        3. Macintosh: /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/Logs
        4. Linux: /home/username/.macromedia/Flash_Player/Logs
      8. Main message which is added in this log file is “Root-level SWF loaded“. This indicates that policy file logging is working fine.
    8. Complete article on Adobe Devnet can be found here.

    Restriction on unsupported function asfunction:

    This was the main protocol to address potential cross-site scripting issues with some SWF files. As it was updated after Flash Player 8, it has nothing to do with Flash Player 7.

    Downloading the update:

    To download latest update please point your browser to here.

    Interesting Links:


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  • Now I got time to do blog about the Adobe MAX and my personal reviews on that.

    This was my first ever MAX event till now. Actually I attended one mini MAX event in India but I don’t consider at all against this event. This event was very helpful to me in various ways and very lucky for me :) Lucky how? want to know? keep reading and you will find it soon.

    Through this event, I planned my first trip to USA. I tried to get here in USA before before few months ago to attend Adobe Community Summit which was invited only event for UGMs and Adobe Community Experts or Leaders. But at that time unfortunately my VISA application was rejected and I couldn’t make it happen. I re-applied again and this time I was lucky enough to get my multiple entry Business VISA for 10 years. So this was the first luck I got through this event.

    Event held at McCormick Place in Chicago in Illunois, USA and the city was so good. City is having Sears Towers the tallest building in the world when it was build. I will write my detailed impression and experiences about chicago in another post. The McCormick Place have few buildings and the event held at West building. Event held at 3 levels and so many sessions were going on in the event and it had also one big hall for General Sessions for MAX where almost all people coming to attend that session. At sometimes, they were full of people so need to seat in other rooms and they can see the video through projectors live from the big hall. But according to me, the event place were so nice and lot many people were there to guide you there all the time for food, sessions and other general help. All the staff were so helpful to guide you for anything including your local travel.

    Event also had paid pre-event training sessions on sunday. Unfortunately I was in waiting list and not able to confirm till last moment. On that day I met lot many community experts and other people whom I was just knowing by names, nick names, books, threads and various projects. I met them personally and it was so nice to meet all of them. We had community expert special party at afternoon at Hotel Hilton. It was snacks, beer and wine (I am not sure ;) ) party. I met many people over there too. It was bit odd for me as I don’t take beer because of some relegious reasons but otherwise it was nice experience to meet people over there. People were really enjoying the time over there by meeting each other and discussion about cool projects, concepts and features of Adobe Products. At the evening it was 5 minutes presentation competitons where people need to have 20 slides and each slide will automatically rollout at every 15 seconds. It was really great concept.

    After that event, we had another party! at the event place. Yeah it was MAX welcome party. Enjoyed a lot over there too. Wherever I mention enjoyed, for me it must be meeting people and learning something new :)

    Next day, it was general session and Cavin Lynch was the host for the event. Other Adobe Engineering team gave brief idea about current and upcoming technologies from Adobe and partners. After that event, we had all the training sessions, hands on from the morning to evening. I was able to get into all interested sessions. Actually my list was big and good amount of conflict in terms of time. Still I managed to attend all the sessions I wish to attend with higher priority. They were so nice sessions and most of all speakers have great knowledge about the subject and lot much new to learn. At the evening the Bird of Feather session was there but unfortunately I missed it as I not saw the schedule properly.

    Next day, it was full of all the learning sessions and at the end of the day, we had sneak pick session in evening. Where they introduced breath taking new features for flash player 10 and other adobe technologies. Last presentation in that session was just awsome. It was given by new adobe employee and he was just simply image processing genious! No words to say and all community welcomed him with more than 80% votes for the hottest sneak pick of the day. After that it was a surprise Party! yeah one grand party again. There I found that Adobe can do anything to have a great event! Adobe also arranged for community pavilion where all developers can meet about various adobe technologies and some partner booths.

    Finally on last day all regular learning sessions were there and event closed at 4pm. I really enjoyed all the days and during one of my sessions called “Development with FlashLite 3″ I got prize of cool Nokia N95 phone which was sponsored by the Nokia as event sponsor. I don’t know on which basis speaker Bill Perry gave me the prize it I really thank you bill for the cool phone.

    Things I like most:

    • PDF Kiosks
    • Event Schedular
    • Event Management of MAX
    • Sneak Picks
    • Developer Meetings
    • Parties!
    • Prizes

    I will surely be there in SF for MAX 2008.