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I just noticed that Macromedia changed a new homepage which confirms completion of acquisition on 3rd December.

New Top navigation with Adobe logo and the page style is now completely according to the Adobe Homepage. I am waiting to hear how the community related issues come up with this acquisition.

Congratulations to Macromedia and Adobe. :)

Review ::: McAfee SpamKiller or NightMare?

McAfee SpamKiller or NightMare? - A Review

I was using Norton Internet Security 2005 but after windows xp sp2 update and windows installer update, Norton was forcing me to reinstall the product because of its conflicts with windows installer’s new update. So I thought lets give chance to other and try other spam filters.

So I tried McAfee SpamKiller and Wooho! it was a big NightMare for me…. Its -100% Smart … Yeah I mean it … It not mark any mail as spam but even If i tell it to block this mail, It says rudely like This Mail Cannot be Blocked like the spammer given him much $$$ to not blocking his mail. So McAfee itself is not a smart but After guiding it, still it not work as we wish so its -100% smart.

So now I am back with my Norton … and Hope It wont push me in situation to reinstall it again and again.

So much disappointed with McAfee SpamKiller. This product can even down the impression of McAfee Virus Scanner. Does anybody else faced same problem?

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  • Flock Developer Preview 0.5pre

    I came to know about Flock while I went to check updates on and found a better browser based on Mozilla framework. It includes great features for Favorites, Blogging from Browser and much more. Check yourself :)

    Release Notes:

    Five Ways to get started:

    Detailed Features:

    Direct Downloads:

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  • Google’s 7th Birthday

    Today is Google's 7th Birthday ... Congratulations

    I just noticed that today is Google’s 7th birthday :)

    Congratulations to Google and Its team and have a more and more nice future :)

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  • On last 8/8 @ 8am Studio 8 was announced and now on 9/8 (for India) or 8/9 (for US) Macromedia announced Flash Media Server 2 formely was known as Flashcom or Flash Communication Server or FCS. We all know its power and how it bring revolution in web based video / audio applications.

    As per the announcement, It will ship in this October and public beta will be available at this September, YES you heared right … this September.

    Following features are announced:

    More Reach, Less Hassle
    Reach the widest audience with the least amount of effort.

    Broadest Reach: Flash is the world’s most pervasive software platform, reaching over 98% of all connected desktops on the web and distributed with major partners including Microsoft, Apple, Netscape, and AOL.

    “It Just Works”: Flash offers consist media experiences across operating systems and browsers freeing up your development staff to work on great new experiences rather than creating hacks to work across platforms.

    Lower Costs: Bypass the need to encode into different formats and develop multiple versions of your site to reach multiple platforms. Encode and develop once and deliver everywhere with FMS2.

    Best Media Experiences: Create and deliver consistently great, highly differentiated media experiences.

    Seamlessly Integrated: Seamlessly integrate media experiences directly in your website without having to pop-up other windows or browsers for a clean, cohesive look.

    Custom Player: Take control of the look and feel of your media player to conform to site design specifications and promote your brands. Build custom players with unique functionality to differentiate your experience and retain and engage your audiences.

    High Quality Video: new Support for the new On2 VP6 codec offers superior video quality at smaller file sizes.

    Instant On: A small, light-weight file format, protocol and player coupled with a programmable buffer control on the server enable the FMS streamed media to start instantly after the play button is selected.

    Engage your audience by adding interactivity, taking advantage of the “lean-forward” nature of the Internet.

    Advanced Seek: Enable your viewers to immediately jump to any part of the video regardless of the length of the video or whether it has been downloaded yet.

    Video Hotspots: Embed clickable hotspots in the video to let your viewers display associated content or even be used to present alternative endings in content.

    Multiple Camera Angles: Let the viewer choose from different points of view for deeply engaging, interactive experiences.

    Rest Assured Delivery
    A persistent connection between the FMS2 and the Flash Player ensures that your audio and video are delivered in the best possible manner.

    Bandwidth Detection: Detect the speed at which the client connects and serve up the appropriate bit rate video. No more confusing “Choose Size of Video” messages to your end-users.

    Automatic Player Detection: new Ensure a smooth viewing experience with video encoded in the right format by automatically serving up the proper video based on the version of the Flash Player that the user connects with.

    Dynamic Buffering: Programmatically set the buffer to the precise setting for the fastest start time based on the length and bitrate of the video and the client connection speed. Provides the fastest possible start and enables videos that have a higher bit rate than the client connection speed to be delivered to the in the most optimal manner.

    Quality of Service Monitoring: new Track the playback experience on the client and correct unforeseen playback problems due to network congestion in real-time.

    Firewall and Proxy Traversal: Quickly test multiple port and protocol combinations to bypass firewalls and proxies and choose the fastest connection.

    Advanced Media Applications: Programmatic control of your streams and media assets enables innovative media applications.

    Playlist and Ad-Insertion Support: Use standard XML formats such as SMIL or ASX for delivering client-side or server-side playlists and monetizing your content with in-stream pre-roll and interstitial ads.

    Live Video Streaming & Recording: Capture and stream live audio and video from any OS recognized camera and microphone source simply by plugging the camera into a USB or Firewire port. Camera APIs enable developers to specify video capture parameters dynamically. Captured video can be broadcast to others in real-time and/or can also be recorded to disc on the server.

    Multi-User Communications: Create innovative video communication applications such as rich media chat rooms, video blogging, video messaging, multi-user games, and more using multi-way, multi-user streaming and remote Shared Object technology for synchronizing data among multiple users.

    Secure Media Delivery
    Flash Media Server 2 provides the most secure way to deliver audio and video through Flash.

    No Client Cache: Because media is not saved to the client’s cache when streamed, users are unable to look though their temporary Internet files folder to access video or MP3 files.

    Authentication: new FMS2 provides a number of approaches to authenticate users prior to serving video streams. Server configuration controls, remote script execution, and the ability run external authentication processes such as hash key verification provide you with many flexible options for securing streams for single sign-on systems, the prevention of deep linking, or even offering pay per view content.

    Encrypted Delivery: new Via support built into both the server and client, streams can be encrypted during delivery for the ultimate protection.

    Scalability, Reliability, and Performance
    FMS2 is enterprise-ready and can scaling to meet large scale media demands.

    Origin and Edge Servers: new
    provide the optimal deployment for large scale media applications, simplifying load balancing, failover and clustering. Scale with multiple Edge servers to manage bandwidth, traffic and processing while giving the Origin server a single view to reports, logs, media assets and application logic.

    Multiple Processes: new FMS2 can be configured to run virtual hosts, applications, or instances in isolated individual processes providing for complete reliability.

    Fits in Existing Infrastructure: FMS2 will fit in seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

    Backend System Integration: new With support for Remoting, File objects, and XML objects, sockets and streams including support for Jabber XML streams, FMS2 offers a number of ways to integrate with Application Servers and media asset management systems for retrieval of meta-data information.

    Multi-platform: FMS2 runs on both Windows and Linux servers with standard server hardware giving you the flexibility to choose the platform that best suites your needs and deploy on your existing infrastructure.

    Logging: new
    W3C compliant ASCII logs, a real-time usage monitor, and a complete API for server and stream events ensure that publishers have all the tools they need to track and generate reports on the content usage.

    Quite Excited features :) But no ScreenSharing :(