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Review ::: McAfee SpamKiller or NightMare?

McAfee SpamKiller or NightMare? - A Review

I was using Norton Internet Security 2005 but after windows xp sp2 update and windows installer update, Norton was forcing me to reinstall the product because of its conflicts with windows installer’s new update. So I thought lets give chance to other and try other spam filters.

So I tried McAfee SpamKiller and Wooho! it was a big NightMare for me…. Its -100% Smart … Yeah I mean it … It not mark any mail as spam but even If i tell it to block this mail, It says rudely like This Mail Cannot be Blocked like the spammer given him much $$$ to not blocking his mail. So McAfee itself is not a smart but After guiding it, still it not work as we wish so its -100% smart.

So now I am back with my Norton … and Hope It wont push me in situation to reinstall it again and again.

So much disappointed with McAfee SpamKiller. This product can even down the impression of McAfee Virus Scanner. Does anybody else faced same problem?

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  • VoIP Vendor Skype Divulges Flaws In All Clients

    SkyPE Logo

    As this bug is now patched so not to worry much about that but still it matters to IT pros.

    Skype acknowledged Tuesday that all its VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) clients suffer from bugs that leave machines susceptible to crashes and/or open them to attacks that could take control of the computers. But even as it patched the software, one analyst questioned how the popular service carried out the fix.
    The flaws, which were reported by Danish vulnerability tracker Secunia and judged a “Highly critical” problem, involve the Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Pocket PC versions of the Skype client.

    But even as Skype released patches for all but the bug in Pocket PC, Lawrence Orans, a research director at Gartner and an expert on VoIP security, questioned the company’s ability to deliver a secure network.

    “Earlier this year, when Microsoft’s instant messenger client was vulnerable, Microsoft shut down [MSN] and then when users tried to connect, required them to update to a patched client. Microsoft essentially did our vulnerability management for us,” said Orans.

    Not so with Skype. When TechWeb launched a vulnerable version of the Windows client Tuesday, Skype did not require an update to connect to its network. Nor did it offer the fixed version when the client’s “Check for Update” feature was selected, but instead presented another vulnerable edition.

    One of the Skype bugs — found by a pair of researchers from U.K.-based security firm Pentest, Limited — affects Skype for Windows through –, and can be used by attackers to first generate a buffer overflow on the PC, then use that to drop additional code on the computer. All the attacker needs to do is convince a user to click on a malicious Skype-style URL.

    “In addition, Skype can be made to execute arbitrary code during importation of a VCARD that is in a specific non-standard format,” wrote the Pentest researchers, Mark Rowe and Joe Moore, in their advisory.

    Quoted from Information Week

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  • Microsoft to launch Windows XP 64bit Edition on Monday

    Microsoft will officially roll out 64-bit versions of its Windows operating systems on Monday. The OSes will support 64-bit processors from both Intel and AMD.

    Microsoft will officially roll out 64-bit versions of its Windows operating systems at its WinHEC conference in Seattle on Monday.
    “On Monday, Microsoft will launch their x64 operating systems, both client and server,” said Intel spokesperson Erica Fields, in an email intended to emphasize the support the software will have for Intel’s processors. “The Windows operating systems have supported Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology, execute-disable bit and, now, Intel’s 64-bit and dual-core processors.”

    The OSes will support 64-bit processors from both Intel and AMD.

    The announcements had been expected; last month, Microsoft issued a statement noting that code for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition and for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition had released to manufacturing and would be available in late April.

    In addition, Microsoft had long been making available for free download, beta versions of the two OSes. Downloads of a release-candidate version of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition were halted late last month, presumably in anticipation of the official launch. However, a trial version of Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition is still available on Microsoft’s Web site.

    In a technical document discussing its 64-bit plans, Microsoft outlined some of the advantages of the new OSes, as compared with existing 32-bit versions. In terms of virtual-memory support, 64-bit Windows will handle 16 terabytes, as compared to 4 GB for 32-bit Windows. System cache size jumps from 1 GB to 1 TB, and paging-file size increases from 16 TB to 512 TB.

    Microsoft’s documentation also emphasizes the inclusion in the new 64-bit OSes of support for so-called “No Execute,” or NX, technology. “NX technology is a joint venture of a hardware mechanism and a software mechanism,” the Microsoft documentation noted. “It is by far the best defense with respect to buffer overruns. AMD calls this technology ‘Enhanced Virus Protection,’ while Intel refers to this functionality as the ‘Execute Disable Bit.’”

    Microsoft officials could not be reached for comment at posting time.

    Via Alexander Wolfe, TechWeb and Information Week

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  • MSN Messanger Worm – W32/Bropia

    Anti-virus vendors have raised the threat level on a double-barrelled MSN Messenger worm that lures users with the promise of sexy image files.

    MSN Worm - Sexy Image

    The worm, identified as W32/Bropia, arrives as a download link within MSN instant messaging sessions, but instead of sexy photographs, infected users get an image of a cooked chicken on a platter with a neatly drawn bikini tan line.

    The worm also deposits a variant of the Rbot backdoor Trojan that is capable of using infected machines to create zombie networks, security experts warn.

    So be Aware!!


    I forgot to add credits to this post that It was via GeekNewsCentral

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  • Nice Longhorn Screenshots

    Have a look at here

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