Hello friends,

Today, Once again We came up with interesting meeting series. Instead of just one speaker, We are including many speakers who have expertise in different topics. As mentioned in the meeting topic, Here are the modules we are planning to include in whole series of meetings:

  1. Basics of AIR. (By Ashvin Savani)
  2. Basics of Protocol. (By Ashvin Savani)
  3. Basics of IMAP. (By Ashvin Savani)
  4. How to understand any protocol specifications from specification document / RFCs.
  5. Basics of Socket Communication in Flash Action Script 3.
  6. Handshaking with IMAP Server.
  7. UI – Login Screen.
  8. UI and Event Handling.
  9. Authentication with IMAP Server.
  10. Retrieving Folder Structure from Server.
  11. UI – Displaying Folder Structure.
  12. Retrieving Email headers for given folder (From, To, CC, BCC, etc.,).
  13. Retrieving Email data for given email.
  14. Separating Email Body and Attachments from email data.
  15. UI – Displaying Email Body.
  16. Decoding Email Attachments in to file data.
  17. (Not Sure – For Now) Scan the file via anti virus tool before display it.
  18. UI – Displaying whole email.
  19. UI – Replying email.
  20. Basics: Sending an email via SMTP.
  21. SMTP specifications and normal procedures.
  22. Handshaking with SMTP.
  23. Sending an email with SMTP.
  24. Final touch up to the application.
  25. Lessons Learnt by each attendee.

I hope, all of us will really enjoy this series and it would be meaningful add on pack to the knowledge of everyone of us:

As usual, Sponsor for Event, Place and Equipments is Avinashi and FlashBrain.

Part 1 – Venue and Time:

FlashBrain Unit, Avinashi Systems.
Seminar Hall, 2nd Floor,
Kohinoor Complex, Saiyedpura,
Surat – 395 003.

User Group ManagerAshvin Savani
User Group Co-Manager
Naresh Khokhaneshiya


  • We were able to finish 3 topics on first part of our meeting on 2nd Aug 08.