We are using FlashDevelop as our AS3 code in our daily coding since a long time at Avinashi.

FlashDevelop is came up with a new Beta 6 release for version 3 with obviously some cool features and some bug-fixes. These features are as following:


  • General UI and localization fixes and improvements
  • New Bookmarks panel added for an overview of all your open documents bookmarks
  • Captures Flash CS3 compiler errors in FD results panel when CS3 is called from FD
  • Contextual generators (Ctrl+Shift+1) for getter/setter, event listeners, override methods, interface implementation, unknown var/method
  • First class SWC integration in AS3 projects
  • New in templates, set package of new project. Creates the main class with the package you provide
  • You can run your project in your web browser instead of FD or external player
  • Less aggressive and generally smarter completion
  • Improved Flex Compiler support
  • Improved Flash CS3 support


  • Java 1.6+ is required for the Flex compiler (ActionScript 3).
  • The Flex SDK (2 or 3) is required for ActionScript 3 development if you don’t use Flash CS3.
  • Backup your customized user files and uninstall any previous versions of FlashDevelop 3.0.0.

Full Release Notes can be found here.

Download FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta 6 (Built from rev. 2133)

And obviously if that seems a nice editor for Flash CS3 developers, you should donate too J