I wish Happy Independence Day to all Indians!

As Prime Minister told today, We should united to solve Nation problems. That touched my heart but I hope that all political leaders should obey it and think about Indians and India instead of themselves, their political parties, vote banks and of course big corporate houses while they are making any policies.

Country should also treat terrorists as terrorists instead of treating them as VIP guests. A very good example for it is – the person who attacked on Parliament which is symbol of democracy and India, is still alive! Rulers should take serious and fast actions to give huge impact to terrorism and to get confidence of Army and Police who work hard for nation and even dies for Nation. I even can’t imagine while widow of army persons or commandos who were killed by terrorists attack in parliament and who were killed to save politicians but politicians never tried to save them or their families. Instead of doing that, they are delaying death of the terrorist. If I was in army, I would definitely won’t work for the people who don’t care about army!

Rulers should not help or encourage the poor or non developed communities by giving them more reservation or quotas. By such actions, usually they want to raise their vote banks. Essentially this action don’t help small communities much, but bigger communities – who really work hard to get work or for studies are not getting admissions or job. Instead of qualified person,  unqualified person who don’t have much knowledge or skills, they are at top positions because of quotas. Such persons can’t do anything as they just born part of small communities but not built tough and smart to handle such work.

A very easy example of this would be – A person who got 85% but will not get an admission in Medical Studies, but the another person coming from small community, will get admission with just 60% (even lower) because of reservation and quotas. Anyone can imagine which doctor will serve better! If they really want to help poor people or small communities, they should help by solving their main problems. The main problem for poor people is They don’t think much! and the key solution for that is Education. So they should help them in education and need to make sure that the help they are providing is reachable to needful people instead of intermediate corrupted officers and politicians.

Apart from strong actions towards terrorism, corruption and education – India is really doing good progress! Keep it up!

Jai Hind! – Mera Bharat Mahan