As a CTO, Project Manager and Owner of the company, I hardly able to find time for myself, my wife or other friends of mine. I need to perform so many tasks to do each and everyday for various clients, need to maintain and train my team members, also need to solve their queries (technical, personal or company level) time to time also need to balance personal life aswell.

But its not easy stuff as I am feeling. As you grow in business, more and more responsibilities are there and they are always increasing. And this fast life sometime pushes you away from your loved ones or your friends. I was trying to find some way where I can balance my personal life without disturbing the business and its growth. I found a nice suggestions over Business Week article and ToDoOrElse. 

Here are those 6 ways, which will try to make you not so busy:

1) Set aside time to work before you check your e-mail or snail mail or voice mail, before you allow the world to intrude on your fresh and focused state of mind.
2) Do not allow the world to have access to you 24/7. Turn off your BlackBerry and cell phone. Stretch or have a five-minute conversation. When you sit down again, you’ll be focused.
3) Prioritizing is crucial. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself spread so thin you’ll only be able to see your good friends on the first Tuesday in February.
4) Give yourself permission to end relationships and projects that drain you.
5) Do what you’re good at and delegate the rest. This is important, because when we do what we’re good at, the work can take on the quality of play.
6) Keep in mind that some of our best thoughts come when we’re doing nothing. Downtime is a forgotten art.

All of them are really touching one and you will notice and can feel in advance that “Oh! thats it, I need to follow only these to make myself and others happy”. It may have some side effects if you are so ambitious and you are not interested in doing compromise with your business at all.

Here are what my dad suggest me to do always, while he find me too much busy:

  1. Son, you should at least take your food on time and that lunch or dinner time will give you some extra minutes to be alone with you and your soul. Now if you are so good time management guy and want to use each seconds of your life, you may also try to read some book while you are having your food.
  2. Bill Gates and other giants are also doing more bigger business than you. I dont think so that they will be so busy like you. If they are then I bet, they cant be such a creative person who can bring innovative business ideas. If they are not staying so much busy and earning more than you, means you are not good at managing your time efficiently.
  3. Pass some time with society, family, relatives and friends. May be you will get some business idea like a spark in your mind.
  4. Date with yourself. You will find so many new things!

And I find him always true! and need to accept them without any argument(s). But still busy life. You always expect 48 hours a day. Your eyes should not close unless you cover all of your schedule.