Today adobe announces new version of Adobe Director 11. Also with this new product release, they also announced a new release for shockwave player also.

Here are the Top features in Director 11:

  • Support for more than 40 video, audio, and image file formats
  • Native 3D rendering with DirectX 9 support
  • Advanced physics with the included AGEIAâ„¢ PhysXâ„¢ engine
  • Support for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional software and video created with Flash
  • Unicode support, including multimode publishing
  • Enhanced text rendering engine
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Enhanced Script Browser and full JavaScript support
  • Bitmap filters
  • Xtra plug-ins

Useful Links:

  1. Adobe Director 11 Homepage
  2. Detailed Features list for Director 11
  3. Pre-order Director 11
  4. Pre-order upgrade to Director 11
  5. Download Shockwave Player 11