Adobe today announces new version of Acrobat Connect Pro.

Here are interesting updates for Developer and End user perspective:

  1. It does have support of editing the recording. Yes, now you can edit your meetings recoreded previously. That is really cool feature so you can remove unnecessory items from it and can have neat and clean content. Very good for Universities so they can have meeting recorded and edited for perfect reference for some subject or topic.
  2. Integration with IMs. With new version of Acrobat Connect Pro, you can see your friends and mates inside meetings. I still not experienced the new version but still, guessing you should able to invite them to join meeting etc.,
  3. Improved LMS support for e-learning. Now Acrobat Connect Pro supports tight integration with LMS. A meeting room can be splitted in to some sections for seperate discussion for group of students. With other improvements in e-learning through Acrobat Connect Pro, Adobe tried the best to minimize the distance between virtual class room and the actual class rooms.
  4. New version of Adobe Presenter. Adobe also launched new version of Adobe Presenter along with Acrobat Connect Pro, which is add-on to facilitate smoother experience of meetings. In this new version of Adobe Presenter, Now you can have complex puzzle creation support with randomization. There is also improvement in working with video in Adobe Presenter. Now you can also publish your presentation(s) to Mobile Devices and inside PDF too.


According to press release, it should be available at end of May, 2008 with languages listed below:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. Dutch
  6. Italian
  7. Brazilian Portuguese
  8. Japanese
  9. Korean
  10. Simplified Chinese

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