Ashvin Savani “arckid” – Flash Platform Expert

All about RIA development using Flash, Flex, Flash Media Server (Flashcom) with various middleware and backends.

About Me

I am Ashvin Savani a.k.a. arckid in community. I am from India and in business of Web / Internet Applications since 5 years. I am working as freelance internet application developer for consultants, individuals, small companies as well as corporate.

I mostly work on Macromedia Technologies like Flash MX 2004 Professional, Flash Communication Server MX, ColdFusion, Flash Remoting. I also work on some Open Source hot technologies like PHP and MySQL. I started my career as computer hardware consultant. Then I moved to Linux Administration and Networking, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development and finally Internet Applications. From my experience in various technologies now I am very good at Integrating various technologies and make Internet based Applications to get desired results with consideration of maximum use of existing infrastructure as well as technologies.

Currently I works on web based Audio-Video Conference Systems and real time text chat engines for various type of applications like dating sites, e-learning applications, medical / pharmacy companies and corporates. These all work is focused on Flashcom (FCS), Remoting, PHP and MySQL.

I also own a little company called Avinashi Systems Pvt. Ltd. which provides b2b solutions as well as offshore development for local companies as well as other companies in various part of world. You can visit company website and can have more information about it.

I usually stays busy with projects and try to get some free time for blogging and contributing in various flash community portals or sites. I am also part of Team Macromedia Program at Macromedia. I also take part in various beta programs for various companies and products.

If you have some work to outsource to me or to give contract sub-contract then let me know.